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How to Choose a Cloud Provider

How Do You Know Which Cloud Provider is Best for Your Project? You Don’t.

With an increased demand for cloud services, industries of virtually every vertical are migrating to the cloud. So, how do…

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Cloud Architecture: An Introductory Guide

Cloud Architecture: An Introductory Guide to Getting it Right from the Start

A solid foundation for a cloud architecture is essential to the success of any application.

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Enhance Your Product Development Speed with Infrastructure as Product

Speed Up Development with Infrastructure as Product

How do you prioritize speed while maintaining quality with your cloud development? Infrastructure as Product offers solutions to Engineering leaders…

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Dealing with Cloud Lock In

Dealing with Cloud Lock In: 4 Strategies to Set Yourself Free

What is cloud vendor lock-in and why do companies struggle with it? Here are 4 strategies to avoid lock in,…

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Big Data in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges

Big Data in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges for software engineers

As healthcare institutions go through the process of digitization, many of them are grappling with how to leverage big data…

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration: Why It’s Not as Simple as “Just Put it in the Cloud”

The truth is, it’s not as simple as “just put it in the cloud.” Here are some things to consider…

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