Nearshore Software Development

The new way to outsource software development

Why Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore software development combines the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and eliminates time zone and cultural challenges of traditional offshoring. Companies can augment their development team with talented engineers fluent in English that live nearby in countries such as Costa Rica and Colombia. Nearshoring is the new way smart companies are making their software development process more efficient and effective. See how a nearshore software development company like GAP can help you.


Similar time zones eliminate the frustrations of late nights and short communication windows. Nearshore teams work when you do.


Using Agile Scrum, GAP’s nearshore software development method enables effective communication and a streamlined process that accelerates development of your software project.


With nearshoring, enjoy the cost benefits of offshoring without the challenges. Augment your team with cost effective nearshore developers that can stretch your development dollars, not your patience.


Nearshoring: Close. Convenient. Effective.

Why Costa Rica and Colombia?

GAP is a nearshore software development company with its development centers in Costa Rica and Colombia. Costa Rica eliminated its military in 1948 and devoted money to healthcare and education. Today Costa Rica boasts a literacy rate of 97% and a skilled engineering talent pool that makes it the highest rated in Latin America.

GAP recognized Costa Rica for its nearshore application development potential. With hundreds of employees now, GAP is one of the largest employers of software app developers in Costa Rica.

Medellin, Colombia is a rising star for Latin American nearshore software development. In the last decade, government efforts have transformed this city into a tech mecca. With a population of 50 million, Colombia’s talent abounds in key application development languages such as .NET and Java.

Like Costa Rica, Colombia enjoys similar time-zone, proximity to the US and a passionate desire by developers to create compelling applications.

Skill and Work Ethic

How Good is the Talent?

Anchored by highly regarded Universities and infused with the Latin culture to learn, nearshore developers are quick contributors. GAP benefits from this skilled talent and employs over 300 engineers. These engineers enjoy the on-going learning and career path GAP provides including:

  • GAP University
  • Cross-functional technical training
  • Accelerated Coaching & Development Program
  • Tech Practice Community Exchange

US companies benefit from GAP’s passionate engineers who become an integral part of the software development team.

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